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Neon Street

Neon Street 3D scene i made in blender and rendering with eevee..
At the beginning of my work, I had prepared the scene for Blender and Octane
But I was not satisfied with the conditions of volumetric light in Octane with my GTX 1060 GPU!
That's why I decided to change the scene materials to eevee..
I noticed that by raising the sample render in the eevee, the quality of the final image increases..
By increasing the quality of the shadow and the quality of the volume, I tried to get a better rendering from Eevee
I love Volumetric lights and that's why i love using eevee render .. Because I have more control over the volume at a lower cost!
This is the article on Blender Nation , how to making this artwork
Behind the scenes : neon Street

I hope you enjoy this artwork and thank you for watching!