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Ruin Empire

This is a environment set i design for UE4
Background environment, Ligh & atmosphere , terrain and landscpae materials I made from scratch!
terrain created in world machine , ( plants are archmodels plants )
Modeling don'e in blender and zbrush ,
I make my first shape in blender ,in Zbrush i Convert models to high poly for adding some detail like dirt , damge and crack . after that i make low poly of model and send high and lowpoly model to 3D Coat for baking a texture
Texturing , Normal baking in 3D Coat
Render and setup for UE4

Music is one of my music!

UE4 Environment - Ruin Empire

Ruin Empire - Unreal Engine 4 Environment

UE4 - Ruin Empire Play

UE4 Ruin Empire - Asset texturing in 3D Coat