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Robot Training Day

This short animation is part of a animation called - Robot Training Day.
This animation is completely rendered in IClone7!
I used 3Dxchange Pipeline to import my own animated model to IClone 7 and can take it to any software I want so this is fantastic!
I modeled Robot animation in Blender and 3D Coat - rigging and animation I did in blender .
More info about robot:
The main story behind this animation is that I first wanted to render it in Unreal Engine , But suddenly I decided to test it and render on IClone7 before I went to UE4!
Because all the tools for creating and editing animation are available in IClone7 and surely in the new version IClone 8, we will have very good changes in the rendering section, such as motion blur and volumetric light which will make it better than now.
Character: free game asset
For animation I used Reallusion - Actorcore an amazing online library of motion capture animation.
Special thanks to Milad Bariran for tips and advice on camera animation!

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